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Alaska State 2014 Communications Contest Winners Listed Below 

Deadline is now closed for the 2014 Contest. Come back to enter the 2015 contest.

APC will soon be accepting entries for the 2015 Alaska State Communications Contest electronically through the NFPW website.

The contest is open to both members and nonmembers of APC. The 2014 contest is being conducted electronically for the first time. Deadline for all entries is Jan. 27. Only books authored or edited by entrant and magazines edited by entrant may be submitted hard copy, with the entry form filled out online by Feb. 3. Mailed hard copies must be postmarked by Feb. 3. Mailing information is on the website.

Cost is $25.00 for the first entry and $15.00 for each additional entry for members; $30 for the first entry and $20.00 for each additional entry for nonmembers. First place winners must be members of APC/NFPW to be forwarded to the national NFPW contest. Nonmembers who win first place in the Alaska contest must join APC/NFPW if they want their entries to be submitted to the national competition. If you have questions or any issues with the online entry process, contact Diane Walters or Carolyn Rinehart

To enter the contest, set up a username and password the first time you access the site. Select Alaska from the Entrant State Affiliate drop-down box – the second field on the entrant registration form – and then read through and follow the posted directions on the website.
For more than 30 years our Alaska affiliate of NFPW has offered members a contest in many categories of communications work--print journalism, public relations, broadcasting, writing for the web, and literary and educational pursuits.

Click here for detailed instructions. 

2014 Contest Winners

Barbara Brown--First--children's fiction 

Bonnye Matthews--First--adult fiction

SE Thomas--Second--adult fiction

Rebecca Goodrich--First--writing, subcategory reviews

Teeka Ballas--First--magazine regularly edited by entrant 

2014 NFPW Contest Winners 

Barbara Brown--First--children's fiction 

Contest Committee

Diane Walters, Coordinator
Carolyn Rinehart
Elise Patkotak
Judy Griffin 


2013 Contest Winners  (This takes you to the program showing all 13 winners)

2013 NFPW Contest Winners

The following were national winners from Alaska:

Susy Buchanan--First--9B Personality profile - More than 500 words 
David Holthouse--First--15B Publications regularly edited by entrant--Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper publication 
Dean Potter--Second--16B Page design - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper publication 
Bonnye Matthews--Second--56 Novels for adult readers (full-length, 40,000 words and up) 
Monica Devine--Second--58A Children's books - Fiction 
Rebecca Goodrich--First--61A Creative verse - Single poem

Contest Committee

Diane Walters, Coordinator
Carolyn Rinehart
Elise Patkotak
Judy Griffin 


2013 Rules and Categories (PDF file)

2013 Entry Form (Word file -- you should be able to fill in online and then print to submit with your entry)

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