Installation of Officers June 2013











2013 - 2014 officers pictured left to right:

Diane Walters, incoming treasurer and immediate past president; Sherrie Simmonds, incoming president; Joan Harris and Elise Patkatok, 2nd vice-president co-chairs; (Jennifer Summers, 1st vice-president, and Dianne Barske, Secretary, not shown)


Sherrie Simmonds, President

Jennifer Summers, 1st Vice-President

Elise Patkotak, 2nd VP co-chair - Programs

Joan Harris, 2nd VP co-chair - Programs

Dianne Barske, Secretary


Pat Richardson, Historian


Diane Walters, Treasurer and Immediate Past President


Thetus Smith, Email Express Manager
akpc at 


Doris Thomas, Membership Manager, Scholarship Fund/FAN

Sherrie Simmonds, Webmaster